2012 Yard Waste Calendar

Did you enjoy the beautiful weather this past weekend? Perhaps you got outside and did some spring yard work. Wondering what to do with all the leaves leftover from last fall that you finally got around to raking up?  (Or am I the only one who leaves most of my raking to the spring?)

Never fear, the 2012 Yard Waste Schedule is here!

We’ll be keeping some of our leaves to add to our compost pile. The dried leaves balance out the fresher vegetable scraps and keep our compost humming along at a hot, non-smelly clip. (Interested in getting your own compost bin from the City of Somerville at a reduced price? Check out their compost bin program here.)

The rest of the leaves I’ll be putting out by the curb in their paper bags for next Tuesday’s trash day.

Hope you enjoy the new green shoots that are revealed when you rake up the old leaves. Happy Spring!

6 thoughts on “2012 Yard Waste Calendar

    1. Natasha Burger

      You’re welcome! Thanks for writing in. I also had a hard time finding it on the city’s site but they recently reorganized things and now it’s under the “Most Requested Pages.”

  1. Rachel Greenberger

    Hi Natasha- this post is so helpful! I just moved to Somerville and have my first garden. Now I know where/how to compost and deal with yard waste. Thanks!

  2. Rachel Greenberger

    Natasha, Do you have any idea what City of Somerville does with the yard waste pick-up? Are they composting or does it just go in landfill? (Not the worst thing that could go in landfill- since it will just become soil anyway…) Thanks for any light you can shed!

    1. Natasha Burger

      Hi Rachel – Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I spoke to a representative at Somerville’s 311 call center – (617) 666-3311 if you’re calling from outside the city – and he said that a contractor for the city picks up the yard waste and brings it to a company in Woburn (Landscape Express) who makes it into mulch! I’m not sure where the mulch goes (back to the city?) and I forgot to ask but I hope this helps!

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