Boston’s Best Places to Live 2012: Somerville!

Check out Boston Magazine’s annual Boston’s Best Places to Live 2012: Top Picks for Boston Real Estate

Boston Magainze Image

Image from Boston Magazine

Guess what city is mentioned as one of the 14 best places to live? Somerville, of course! I’m not sure about the tagline, “because it’s the new Cambridge” but, well, so it goes.

The article focuses on Somerville’s thriving local arts community, the overall greatness of Union Square, and cool neighborhoods with hip residents like the area “between Highland Avenue and Winter Hill.” (More on that area in the next few days…)

Three cheers for Somerville! And while I guess we won’t be shedding comparisons to Cambridge anytime soon, as a younger sister and Somerville resident I’m happy to consider Somerville the “feistier younger sister to the People’s Republic!”