Union Square Update: 10 Master Developers

There are many interesting things going on in Somerville these days (the Winter Farmers’ Market, a potential new Soccer Stadium, and Forge Baking Company coming to Somerville Avenue, to name a few). But the most exciting buzz, in my opinion, is all about the redevelopment of Union Square.

At the heart of the Union Square debate are questions of eminent domain, urban planning, redevelopment and gentrification. The City of Somerville hosted an online chat about Union Square last December and has appointed a 19-member committee to “advise the City on strategic planning decisions and development in the Union Square area over the next two years.” Just last week, the city posted the RFQs (Request for Qualifications) from the 10 Master Developer candidates seeking to redevelop the seven parcels identified in the Union Square Revitalization Plan. The Union Square Advisory Committee will help evaluate the proposals and select a developer. You can read the proposals here:

What do you think about Union Square present and Union Square future? Which developer would you choose? Should property owners be able to develop their own projects? I’m loving the lively, informed, ongoing discussions about Union Square and the GLX! We’re living in exciting times in Somerville.