East Somerville Foodie Crawl – September 16th!

My first dining experience in East Somerville was at Vinny’s, back in the day when it was still a convenience store in the front and a restaurant in the back. Not having lived in Somerville very long, I didn’t know exactly where I was going as I drove along an unfamiliar stretch of Broadway. But the meal didn’t disappoint: huge portions of the classics like chicken parm and double thick pork chops, attentive service, and an atmosphere that felt like friendly “old Somerville” – faux brick walls and all. Everyone knows Vinny’s now – it and the Mount Vernon are neighborhood anchors – serving neighbors and welcoming visitors from greater Somerville and beyond.

After Vinny’s I discovered the burritos at Taco Loco. As a Realtor, one of the perks of my job is that I’m often out and about in different parts of the city. At lunch time, I like to grab something from whatever neighborhood I’m in. And the burritos at Taco Loco are worth the trip, even if you’re not already in the area.

And with the opening of La Brasa earlier this year, East Somerville is now one of my favorite dining destinations. (Roasted carrots with mole and sesame! Interesting cocktails! The decor!) This year La Brasa is hosting the Foodie Crawl After Party. (Live music!) I haven’t been for lunch yet but I’ve heard it’s great, too.

Four years ago, East Somerville Main Streets organized the first Foodie Crawl, introducing Somerville residents from other parts of the city to all that East Somerville has to offer. I participated that year and have been coming back ever since, supporting the Crawl for the past two years. I love this event for so many reasons: it brings people together – strangers chat while waiting in line for a taste of Ethiopian food at Fasika or flatbread from East End Grille; there’s a happy, festive atmosphere as we – pedestrians – take over the streets (this year we can admire the recent street scape improvements of wider sidewalks and fewer driving lanes); and the residents and business owners of East Somerville get to show off to the rest of the city. It’s great, the food is tasty, and tickets are only $20.

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